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Our second featured company is one of the most well-known companies from the realm of 3D miniature, Clay Beast Creation (CBC)

Clay Beast was officially launched in March 2021, during that awful Covid period when job losses were high and the world was in chaos.
CBC founder Jeremy Mathewcowitsch
found himself without work. Thankfully for the wargaming world, Jeremy’s passion was wargaming and 3D sculpting and this newfound unemployment led him to the creation of the amazing company that we all have today, Clay Beast Creation.

Jeremy is a 35 year old Frenchmen from the South East of France close to the city of Lyon., better known as Akta, is a popular figure in the Warhammer scene, having played the game as a youngling like many of us, he’s been focused on Age of Sigmar over the last three years as a self-confessed Dinosaur Nerd.
Jeremy an active part of the community, you’ll find him on all forms of social media and various faction groups on Whatsapp. Not only that, but Akta is also a competitive player, recently hitting his first 5-0 in the Age of Sigmar tournament scene in France with those fluffy Beastmen.

It was Akta’s love of the Lizardfolk that lead him to create his first 3D Sculptures for fantasy and the Clay Beast Company. Jeremy aimed to update an ageing range of models and create an alternative option for Games Workshops Lizardmen/Seraphon.
From there on, Akta has added a massive catalogue of models to his ever-growing collection, including one of the most extensive Beastmen/Satyr model ranges in the industry, you can check all of his models in the link at the end of this article.

Currently, Jeremy operates CBC alone, though much of his inspiration and support comes from his wife and his incredible community members from the popular Clay Beast Discord channel.

Akta launches new models monthly and is currently working on more dinosaurs this year, along with plans to add to his Wood Elf/Sylvaneth range, a new Ogre faction, Undead, Skaven and high elves! And probably more Dinosaurs (he does love his dino’s)

Make sure to check out the Clay Beast Creation store –
And join their Discord crew –

Check out some of CBC’s incredible models that we plan to use in our very own The Games of Gods game.

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