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Beta Update 1.1

It’s been 6 months since we launched the Beta for our first game “The Games of Gods” that means it’s time for an update!

Thank you everyone who is continuously given us feedback, keep spreading the word as we’re still in need of more testers to ensure when the Game’s book is sent to the printers at the end of the year, everything will be well balanced out.

Changes updated:

1. Melee Phase and Weapon Ranges
One of the main issues we received were how awkward Melee Combat was when it came to weapon ranges, working out which models were
range of fighting could become tiresome.
As a result we have changed how Melee attacks work, completely removing Weapon Ranges from the game (they’re still on unit profiles for now until the new system has been fully tested)
Instead of Weapon Ranges we have now implemented a much simpler system, for each model that is in base contact with an enemy model you can now attack with two models, simples.
We’ve also added a new Special Rule called “Swarm” which allows units to attack with 3 models for each of their models in Base to Base contact with enemy models.

2. Points Changes
Points changes have been made to many of the units for all factions, let us know if you think they’re good, bad or just right changes.

3. Added Units
We feel that most factions in the game have sufficient unit numbers to keep your armies interesting for a long time, yet, however when we see new stunning models that we feel matches our game aesthetic we just have to add them into the game. We’ve not added too many new units, but our favourite is the Fae Hunters for the Erynos faction.

4. Suggested Models
Along with the updated beta download we’ve also added massive amounts of models to the Suggested models download, more and more incredible model companies are coming out now and we want to support them all. If you have any models that aren’t on our download files then let us know and we’ll get them added.

5. Lore updates
Lore is taking quite a lot of time up, we’ve still got heaps of things to add, i, but for now we’ve added the books epilogue to the rear of the book
 “The Battle of Kalsborg” sets the scene for the 2nd book to be released  in the future alone with another 8 factions into the world of Tellestia.

That’s it for now, as always keep feeding us your feedback, on social media, and if you have a minute join our discord, it’s feeling lonely in there.


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