Beta 1.6

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The Games of Gods Beta 1.6 is here!

Our latest “patch” has now been uploaded to the Resources and Downloads page for you guys to check out where your feedback has left us.

ALOT! of time in this update went into editing the Army Factions Pages and their layouts. We also added more background and lore to some of the factions.

We had also hoped to release the Short Story of the Catalyst event, but just two parts in of 6 and we’ve just hit 17,000 words! so it will take us more time to get it out. 
It’s worth the wait though, as it sets the scene for today’s world in Tallestia.

So then, to the updates! In this edition we have:

– Updated points and adjusted certain abilities as a result of users feedback (There wern’t many,  balance is almost complete at last)
– Changed the layout of the army pages, they should now look a little more clear and professional (Not sure on the Font change just yet, we’ll await your rage on that)
– Added special rules such as the Irrelevant Unit Role
-Changed the way you build an army now, Bronze Units unlock Silver, Gold and Hero Units. (Also added in Generals being a free choice and don’t count as one of your Bronze Hero slot unlocks.

We’re still a fair way away, but looking at a Christmas time release date, depending on book publish and delivery times.
We still need your help though with the following:

-Editing mistakes such as  grammar, text alignments, errors etc, the more you can help us find, the less work our eventual final editor will have and hopefully save us some much needed gold.

-Balancing, yeah we’re almost there now and would like to start planning the final races for book number 2, we can’t do that until we’re 100% satisfied with the Balance of the current 8 armies (and the Demon army that we weren’t supposed to release yet)

-We need more photos of your painted models for us to use in the book, remember we want a mix of hobbiest and professional works so even if you don’t think your work is good enough send it to us anyway, we’d like to get as many people in the book as possible.

-Model suggestions, we will always be looking to advertise new companies and show of their models in our games, so keep those model suggestions coming. 

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