Beta 1.5

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Beta Update 1.5

It’s been a while since our last update but fear not, we’re still working in the background and with this latest Beta release we’re hoping to breath for a while and actually play some games.

Thank you to everyone as always, the feedback so far has helped us get closer to that happy point in terms of balance.
Keep spreading the word as we’re always in need of more testers and more feedback.

We’re planning on doing one more Beta test before hiring editors to ensure the book is of high enough quality and free of as many errors as possible before we can finally launch the game.

Anyhoo, onto the changes in this edition:

1. Melee Phase and Combat Range
Melee Weapon ranges are gone! instead they’ve been replaced with a Combat Range number between 1 and 4. The number basically means for each model you have in base to base contact with an enemy that’s how many models you can attack with in your units.
Single model Units for now all have Combat Range 1, meaning they have to be in base to base contact with enemies to fight, weapons such as spears have longer reach so may have Combat Range 3

2. Points Changes
Points changes have been made to many of the Units for all factions, as always let us know if they’re good, bad or just about right, the aim as always is to have zero useless units in the game.

3. New Faction Added, the Demon Legions
We wer’nt supposed to be adding the next set of Factions until the next book but we couldn’t help ourselves when it comes to the Demons,  head over to the download page to check out their rules and Unit’s, we’ll need feedback on these naughty guys too.

4. Rules additions
We have completely changed how to build an army now, each Unit is either Bronze, Silver, Gold or a Hero, it’s now super simple to build an army, basically Bronze units will unlock  Silver and Gold Unit’s ensuring common soldiers still have a place in the game.
We’ve also added some more Special Rules,  Godless, Irrelevant and Headstrong

5. Lore updates
As always, Lore writing takes up large quantities of time, we’ve tried to add more Lore into the Demon Legions but it’s time consuming, we’ll be looking to hire someone to write Unit descriptions for us due to time constraints, if you fancy having a go at writing get in touch!

That’s it for now, as always keep feeding us your feedback, on social media, and if you have a minute join our discord, it’s feeling lonely in there.
We’re going to try and be more active on Facebook and Twitter, your support as always is appreciated.


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