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The Games of Gods Beta is a go!

After the best part of two years, creating units, writing background, balancing etc, we’re finally ready to release the beta of our first tabletop game, The Games of Gods. Close friends have already been testing the game up to now and have been having an absolute blast so far. But we need more, LOTS MORE! testers to ensure the game is released complete and at the level of balance and fun that everyone is happy with.

We need as much feedback as possible, and we’ve now opened accounts on most social media platforms, including discord if you fancy having a live chat with the developers. Head over to our contact link and join the beta test team, help us build not only a game that’s created by gamers for gamers, but also aid us in creating a new type of company, where gaming rules and not models are at the forefront of our company’s passion.

Head over to our Resources and Downloads section above to download the latest version of the Beta rules. The rules will be updated at the end of each month until we are satisfied we have an acceptable amount of game balance before the book is sent off for printing.

We’ll also be looking for a permanent group of people to act as our Test Team, they’ll be responsible for ensuring all new releases are balanced and tested as well as they can be before anything is released.

We’ll also be doing monthly prizes and model giveaways each month to random beta testers as our way of saying thank you.  

Make sure you check out our model suggestions page if you’re struggling to find the right model to represent our units, we have a lot of great recommendations over there.

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