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Beta Update 1.5!

We heard all the commotion about a new Fantasy Game being released and came running at once, surely everyone must have been buzzing about our latest beta release! 
Well wait no longer friends, salvation is at hand!

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Demon Legions

The Demons are here!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve finished the 9th Faction for The Games of Gods,  the twisted and perverse Demon Legions!
I know I know, they’re supposed to be in book 2 but we just couldn’t help ourselves,  the available models and painters that were painting them was too much of a temptation and we allowed ourselves to be corrupt!

They’re quite a dark Godborn species this lot…. you’ve been warned, click on read more to learn more about the dreaded Legions of Hella!

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Beta Update 1.4

It’s been 6 months since we launched the Beta for our first game “The Games of Gods” that means it’s time for an update!

Thank you everyone who is continuously giving us feedback, keep spreading the word as we’re still in need of more testers to ensure when the Game’s book is sent to the printers at the end of the year, everything will be well balanced out.
Click on read more to view the changes to this version….


Featured Company - Clay Beast Creations

Our second featured company is one of the most well-known companies from the realm of 3D miniature, Clay Beast Creation (CBC)

Clay Beast was officially launched in March 2021, during that awful Covid period when job losses were high and the world was in chaos.
CBC founder Jeremy Mathewcowitsch
 found himself without work. Thankfully for the wargaming world, Jeremy’s passion was wargaming and 3D sculpting and this newfound unemployment led him to the creation of the amazing company that we all have today, Clay Beast Creation.

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The Games of Gods Beta is a go!

After the best part of two years, creating units, writing background, balancing etc, we’re finally ready to release the beta of our first tabletop game, The Games of Gods. Close friends have already been testing the game up to now and have been having an absolute blast so far. But we need more, LOTS MORE! testers to ensure the game is released complete and at the level of balance and fun that everyone is happy with.


Featured Company - Holominiatures

Our first Featured Company is Holominiatures, which is incredibly, a single-person company. Holo focuses on creating high-end 3D sculptures, mostly inclusive of Elvish models, which is why We’re using Holo to represent some of our Erynos Forest Kin Faction units, and in the future, our Aravara Elves too!

Check out some of their fantastic models by clicking read more!


We're up and running!

Thanks to our awesome web team Digital Kitsune we’ve finally got somewhere to call home on the big scary worldwide tinterweb.

Though far from finished we now at least have a platform from which to launch the beta for our very first game, (The Games of Gods) and being the glorious and violent world of Tellestia to life.

Feel free to join the forum, or one of our social media groups, discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc, all of which can be found on the contact link above. 
Help us grow not only our Games, but the company itself, this is our very first adventure after all and we’ll need all the help we can get.

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